15 Dec. 2019

The BSidesTLV 2020 Call for Papers

The CFP will open on 1/1/2020

The 2020 edition of Security BSides in Israel, BSidesTLV 2020, will take place once again during Tel Aviv University’s Cyber Week, on Thursday, July 2. BSidesTLV is a hands-on, community-organized hacking and security research event. This is the chance for you to share knowledge, ideas and demonstrate what you’ve been up to! We encourage talk submissions by both newbies and veterans, from people passionate about security from all walks of life. ...

23 Mar. 2019

Hiring Ground

BSidesTLV 2019 Hiring Ground

BSidesTLV 2019 Hiring Ground - 24.6 10:00-16:00 This is the first year we are doing our BSidesTLV “Hiring Ground”. We are doing our best to have a wonderful event, but please make allowances for any mistakes we might make. Our hope is that this part of the event will be focused on helping members of our community find their next positions, and connect them with potential employers. Agenda The hiring ground will operate at the 24. ...