Yossi Sassi

Y1nTh35h3ll, InfoSec Researcher, White ^ haכk3r @ 10Root. Founder of the Oriental Rock Orchestra. P0w3r5h3ll dude. mother of Bouzoukitara (musical instrument). AD Protector.

Since the early 1990s, accumulated extensive experience in information security, adversary simulations/Red-Blue team training, conducting internal investigations and more. Worked for Microsoft ~8 years as Technology Group Manager and coded support tools for Windows Server. Advisory board @ Javelin Networks (sold to Symantec in 2018). Spoke at TED and TEDx events, and was awarded 4 Peace and friendship awards by cities and governments around the world. M.A law, CISSP etc. Spoke at International Security conferences & professional events (USA, Europe, South America, Middle East etc.).